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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BEST OF Fresh Talk: Luci Westphal

Cathy Byrd Talks Film with Luci Westphal
Published 26 November 2012

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Conversations About Creativity in the 21st Century
In Berlin, Cathy Byrd meets Twitter friend Luci Westphal in a cafe near a recently condemned artists' squat just off Oranienstrasse. A German filmmaker based in New York and Berlin, Luci loves street art, music, film and the D.I.Y. style. Thousands follow Luci's moving postcard series In A Berlin Minute. Luci released her latest documentary All's Well and Fair in episodes online.     

Sound Editor: Leonardo Madriz     
Photographs courtesy Luci Westphal
Music: "Frogfly Buzzing," by Dioxin Dolly (Rachel Iannelli, Margaret Briggs, Tina Bushnell), 1996, from Luci Westphal, All's Well and Fair, 2012

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