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Friday, December 30, 2011

Fresh Talk: Fred Naucyzciel

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Conversations About Creativity in the 21st Century

In this episode, Paris-based artist Frédéric Nauczyciel describes an elusive subculture that he explored in Baltimore, Washington DC and New York City, and introduces his new photo series: Men In Heels.  

Sound Editor: Ira Kip
Photos: Fred Nauczyciel
Music: DDM!, Legendary

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Your Cue to Fresh VUE

This logo will be your cue to look for a new Fresh VUE on FreshArtInternational.com.
We encourage FAI subscribers to contribute their Fresh VUEs. Find out how to participate here.

Of note: FAI's inventive graphics are designed by Freya Schlemmer, a graduate student in architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta. In Spring 2012, Freya will consider her outlook for the future in a special Gen Y podcast on Art Talk.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fresh Rx.1 with Kesha Bruce

Solutions to Your Creative Dilemmas

When do I need a web presence, 
and how should it look?

Unknown poet, Prince Edward Island

If you have a body of work to promote and you’re ready to begin the process of getting it in front of people, then this is the perfect time to start thinking about building a website. But the when isn’t nearly as important as the how. Above all, your web presence—whether it be a full website or a blog—absolutely needs to be professional and well designed. Too many Creatives make the mistake of spending time, energy and money on sites that not only display their work poorly, but also aren’t designed to promote and market their work.

The basics:

About or Bio page—This is not the time to hide behind your work. Introduce yourself in a way that gives website visitors the chance to get to know the person behind the work. Your well-crafted bio and professional portrait go a long way towards building a connection to on-line visitors.

Contact Information—If, after viewing your work, a website visitor wants to contact you, but can’t easily find your e-mail address, or phone number, they’ll likely leave and never come back. Make it easy for people to get in contact with you. If you get this part wrong, all of your other hard work will have been in vain.

Portfolio—This is the place to show a small selection of your best and most current work. You don’t need to include everything you’ve ever created here. You only need to show enough work to give a viewer an entryway into your work.

Sign-Up Form—What do you want a website visitor to actually do once they’ve finished viewing your site? How do you intend to get back in touch with them once they click away? A sign-up form of some sort is a simple and easy means to collecting visitors' contact information so that you can invite them back to your website or to an actual event long after they’ve wandered off to another part of the cyber world.

No matter what your field or medium, a website can and should be more than an on-line portfolio. The entire purpose of the website is to introduce yourself, present your work in the best way possible, and most importantly, to begin building relationships with the people that visit your site.

On-line Resources:

Easy and Affordable websites: OtherPeoplesPixels

Sign-up form and mailing list software: Mailchimp

Send me your questions. I'm here to help! Kesha Bruce: freshartinternational@gmail.com

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Introducing Fresh Rx

Struggling to find time to create your music?
No traffic on your website?
Trouble meeting the right people?

Find solutions to your creative dilemmas on our new Fresh Rx page.

Because Fresh Art International believes that fresh thinking is essential to building a sustainable professional future, we’re introducing Fresh Rx, an advice column designed for creative people like you. Fresh Rx is here help you visualize AND actualize your potential. 

Kesha Bruce, a dynamic art consultant and one of FAI's Fresh People, is ready to dispense the answers.

Tell us about the kinks in your practice.

Fresh Rx:
Proposes non-prescriptive answers—straightforward advice, with links to professional resources that will help you address the challenges that seem to keep you from reaching your goals.

Send your questions to freshartinternational@gmail.com
Subject Line: Fresh Rx

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fresh Talk: Jefferson Pinder

Listen to this episode.

Conversations About Creativity in the 21st Century

In this episode, Chicago-based video performance artist Jefferson Pinder explains the importance of physical exertion in his work. Hear how his fascination with Houdini and street theater led to his new live performance series: The Escape Artist. 

Jefferson makes his first appearance as the Escape Artist at 8:05pm, Sunday, December 4, 2011, in Salisbury, Maryland. The premiere performance commemorates the death of Matthew Williams, who was confined to a straightjacket when he was lynched in front of the Wicomico courthouse on December 4, 1931. 

Sound Editor: Ira KIp
Photos: Courtesy Jefferson Pinder