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FRESH ART INTERNATIONAL 2013 = New Site + New Fresh Talk Series!

Fresh TALK

Conversations About Creativity in the 21st Century 

In this series of audio podcasts, curator Cathy Byrd meets contemporary artists, curators, designers, architects, musicians, poets, cultural producers and other innovators. Each episode taps into the creative energy of the creatives engaged in conversation. You can listen to these conversations here or subscribe to the podcasts on iTunes and Stitcher.    

Ballroom Marfa | 8 October 2012   
On her Spring 2012 Texas road trip, Cathy Byrd meets members of Ballroom Marfa’s creative team—Director Fairfax Dorn, project manager Melissa McDonnell, and architect Michael Meredith, to learn how Ballroom ended up in West Texas and what role is envisioned for a Drive-In Theater in Marfa. Completion of the outdoor cultural space is projected for 2014. 

Jason Forrest | 1 October 2012 

Cathy Byrd talks on Skype with Jason Forrest, a laptop musician, about the music biz and his new platform Network Awesome.  

Helena Reckitt  | 23 September 2012 

On Skype, Cathy Byrd speaks with London-based curator Helena Reckitt about the artists she selected to participate in Nuit Blanche, Toronto, 2012.    

Jen Ray | 7 September 2012 

Cathy Byrd connects by Skype with Jennifer Ray, a contemporary artist from North Carolina, about life in Berlin, her recent exhibitions and her new book, Ain't We Got Fun.    

Artpace Artists in Residence 6 September 6 2012
Leslie Hewitt, Jacco Olivier and Mike Osborne talk about participating in the International Artist in Residence Program at Artpace San Antonio        

Sara Lewis  |   1 September 2012

Scholar, writer and curator Sarah Lewis talks about issues and ideas that inform her curatorial practice.      

The Red Swing Project | 20 August 2012
Andrew, creator of the anonymous red swing project, meets Cathy Byrd under the 7th Street bridge in East Austin.      

Tolly Moseley | 13 August 2012

Cathy Byrd meets Tolly Moseley in Austin to learn about her new webisode series on AustinEavesdropper.com.     

Carolina Grau  | 6 August 2012 
In Barcelona, Cathy Byrd speaks with Carolina Grau, an independent curator from Spain who works in London, Madrid, Lisbon, Sao Paulo and Paris.   

Christopher Eamon | 30 July 2012
Cathy Byrd meets independent curator Christopher Eamon at Lora Reynolds Gallery, Austin, to talk about his latest project, Manscape: Male as Subject and Object      

Charles Guice | 23 July 2012 
Cathy Byrd telephones Charles Guice, owner/director of Charles Guice Contemporary, to converse about his passion for contemporary art.  

Jack Sanders | 16 July 2012

Cathy Byrd meets artist Jack Sanders at his East Austin studio  to talk about  his company DesignBuild Adventure.   

Land Arts of the American West | 9 July 2012 
Cathy Byrd drives to Lubbock, Texas, to meet with Chris Taylor and students who participated in Land Arts of the American West 2011.   

Sasha Dees | 2 July 2012
Cathy Byrd connects on Skype with Sasha Dees, an independent curator/producer/consultant who lives and works between Amsterdam and New York.      

Roswell Artists in Residence | 25 June 2012 
Cathy Byrd went to Roswell, New Mexico, for a conversation with five current participants in the Roswell Artist-in-Residence Program  

Navid Nuur | 18 June 2012 
To record this episode, Cathy Byrd met Navid Nuur, an Iranian artist based in the Netherlands at a private preview of his exhibition in Madrid.   


Jason Moran | 11 June 2012

Cathy Byrd speaks on the phone with Jason Moran, a jazz pianist/composer based in New York talks about when he first started improvising and how he collaborates with contemporary artists.  


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